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Studio Secrets A to Z

Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

One-of-a-kind workshop with three music industry veterans.
Over 250,000 hours of experience in three days.
Learn how to create a radio-ready song from start to finish.

Workshop Leaders


Vlado Meller

Mastering Engineer

GRAMMY award winner who was born in Slovakia and has spent over four decades in the U.S.  mastering many of the greatest records ever recorded. Using the very latest audio mastering technology, Vlado continues to define the current hit “sound.”


Anthony J. Resta

Record Producer

RIAA Gold and Multi-Platinum Record Producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, recipient of 2015 Hollywood Music in Media award for Best Producer. Anthony has a knack for sound design and maintaining the artist's vision while targeting a specific market.


Karyadi Sutedja

Recording and Mix Engineer

GRAMMY award nominee Karyadi Sutedja has been working with Anthony J. Resta for over 20 years. With his exceptional ears and gift for audio engineering he brings out the details and magic in every performance.

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Studio Secrets A to Z podcast goes behind the scenes of the making of the album Medazzaland from Duran Duran.


Immerse yourself in all stages of creating a radio-ready song. 

Over 250,000 hours of experience in three days.

Learn the secrets of production, recording, mixing, and mastering with veterans Vlado Meller, Anthony J. Resta, and Karyadi Sutedja. Over 60 Grammy, gold and platinum awards combined.

Spend your evenings in the picturesque city of Prague among castles and foliage.



A maximum of ten participants will be selected to participate in this unique hands-on workshop. All three workshop leaders will be sharing their expertise over all three days.



Song selection, targeting a demographic, arrangement, tempo/tempo mapping, groove motors.


Microphone and gear selection; drums, guitar, piano, vocals; miking techniques and tricks.


Signal routing, making and enhancing dynamics, creating space and adding color to different instruments using EQ, compressors, gates/expanders, distortion, modulation fx, spatial fx (echo and reverb).


Complete overview of the mastering process; learning to listen and evaluate the final mix from the mastering engineer's perspective; techniques to enhance and create the final master mix for various delivery platforms (streaming, CD manufacturing, iTunes, radio); mastering for vinyl.



10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.


Travel and Accommodations

Participants are responsible for accommodations and for travel to and within Prague, including to and from the studio. Registration fee covers workshop at Studio A, Karlín only. The studio is conveniently located on the Metro in Prague 3. Hotel Florenc (Křižíkova 275/11, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín) and the Hilton Hotel (Pobřežní 1, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín) are nearby.

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